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Analytics: Class Chapter Views

 "Class Chapter Views"  shows how many times your class has viewed each chapter. It's a broad look at what chapters are getting higher views than others.

This chart is broken down into Reader Views and
Study Views for each chapter. Reader View is the standard online textbook and Study View is the collapsed version of the online textbook useful for studying. 

In this chart below, you can see that in Chapter 1 there was a very high level of views in the reader (blue/left bar) and a much lower level of views in Study View (red/right bar). 
User-added image

This can show you overall engagement trends with each chapter. You can use these trends to correlate them with other information like grades and participation. 

Other things to consider as your class progresses along:

  • Low views, low grades: Should you add in more assessment related to reading? 
  • Low views, high grades: Are the assessments too easy? Is the content just easier to understand? Should you spend less time on it?
  • High views, low grade
  • s: Should content in that chapter be customized? Made more relevant? Less confusing? Should you spend more time on that topic?
  • Low study views, low grades: Should you suggest that students use the Study View more when studying?

It's important to note that, currently, we can only track usage of the online book. Therefore, students who purchase a Digital AAP or print book may be reading offline at times. So, their engagement metrics may not be 100% accurate. However, Study Pass students can only read online, so you are getting closer to 100% transparency with Study Pass users  (unless they purchase the color print book which gives them access to the online book, but only a tiny percentage of students do that). Quick Links: