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What Are Course Analytics?

Analytics are data that we track on student usage of the online version of your book. Educators must adopt a textbook on our site for us to track analytics and for educators to view them. 

When you "adopt" at Flat World we create a unique course page for your class. You can give that link to your students and/or they search for your course on our site. Once they are on the course page, they either purchase a product or redeem the Digital All Access Pass (Digital AAP) code they purchased from their authorized bookstore. At that point, they are "linked" to your course and we can start tracking their usage of the online book.

It's important to note that, currently, we can only track usage of the online book. Therefore, students who purchase a Digital AAP or print book may be reading offline at times. So, their engagement metrics may not be 100% accurate. However, Study Pass students can only read online, so you are getting closer to 100% transparency with Study Pass users 
 (unless they purchase the color print book which gives them access to the online book, but only a tiny percentage of students do that). 

These metrics are intended to give you pieces of data that you can correlate with student grades and class participation to possibly prompt conversations with students about their engagement with the text. You can also use it to monitor overall class engagement trends with the book, which may help you make informed decisions about whether a book could benefit from customization of content, which you can do using our Online Book Editor. Lastly, students cannot see each other's data--only you can see the data.

There four ways to view analytics today for your course. You can see classwide trends and student-by-student data. .

  1. Class Chapter Access (click to view more)
  2. Class Chapter Views  (click to view more)
  3. Student Chapter Access (click to view more)
  4. Student Chapter Views (click to view more)

To access analytics for your course log in at Flat World 
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Then click on "My Account" to reach your adoptions and books.
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Once you are in your account click on the the title of the course for the adoption that you would like to view analytics for, it will pop up a menu - then click on analytics.
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