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Cover of Modern Corporate Finance: Theory and Practice v8.0
Modern Corporate Finance: Theory and Practice v8.0
Donald R. Chambers and Nelson J. Lacey
December 2017
Finance Textbooks
ISBN (Digital): 
Modern Corporate Finance combines a forward-looking vision of corporate finance with the tried and true practices of the past. With a clear and concise approach, the authors emphasize the modernist movement in finance, which is based on systematic methodology with an emphasis on deductive reasoning and empirical validation. These concepts are not usually taught at an introductory level, due to the lack of teaching resources available. This book was written to fill that void.

Brief Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction to Modern Corporate Finance

Chapter 2: Markets and Contracts

Chapter 3: Corporate Ethics and Shareholder Wealth Maximization

Chapter 4: The Time Value of Money

Chapter 5: The Valuation of Financial Securities

Chapter 6: Introduction to Options

Chapter 7: The Techniques of Capital Budgeting

Chapter 8: Estimating Project Cash Flows

Chapter 9: Real Options

Chapter 10: Advanced Topics in Capital Budgeting

Chapter 11: Risk and Diversification

Chapter 12: Modern Portfolio Theory and the Capital Asset Pricing Model

Chapter 13: Financial Leverage

Chapter 14: Financing: Why Might it Matter

Chapter 15: The Dividend Decision

Chapter 16: Financial Analysis

Chapter 17: Working Capital Management

Chapter 18: Corporate Financial Planning

Chapter 19: International Finance

Chapter 20: Mergers and Other Reorganizations

Chapter 21: Financial Engineering

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