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Cover of Entrepreneurial Finance v3.0
Entrepreneurial Finance v3.0
William S. Hettinger and John Dolan-Heitlinger
March 2024
Finance Textbooks
ISBN (Digital): 

Brief Table of Contents

Part 1: Business Strategies

Chapter 1: How Businesses Make Money

Chapter 2: Three Sample Companies

Part 2: Basic Financial Statements

Chapter 3: Cash Flow Statements: The Basics

Chapter 4: Profit and Loss Statement Basics

Chapter 5: Difference between Cash and Profit

Chapter 6: Balance Sheet Basics

Chapter 7: How the Balance Sheet Varies by Business Type

Chapter 8: How Financial Statements Tie Together

Chapter 9: Understanding the Indirect Cash Flow Statement

Part 3: Evaluating Financial Statements

Chapter 10: Evaluating Profitability

Chapter 11: Working Capital and Operational Efficiency

Chapter 12: Can You Pay Your Bills?

Chapter 13: Can You Pay the Bank?

Chapter 14: Measuring Percentage Change

Chapter 15: Using Finance Tools to Manage Your Business

Part 4: Growing a Business

Chapter 16: What to Consider When Starting Your Business

Chapter 17: Legal and Your Business

Chapter 18: Accounting and Your Business

Chapter 19: Taxes and Your Business

Chapter 20: Starting Your Business

Chapter 21: When Growth Makes Sense

Chapter 22: Planning and Budgeting Growth

Chapter 23: Evaluating Growth

Part 5: Beyond the Basics

Chapter 24: Sales Projection Analysis

Chapter 25: Cost–Benefit Analysis

Chapter 26: Time Value of Money

Chapter 27: Doing Business Internationally

Chapter 28: Finding Money to Start and Operate Your Business

Chapter 29: Exit Strategies

Part 6: The Appendices

Appendix A: Basic Excel for Entrepreneurial Finance

Appendix B: Planning Your Business

Appendix C: Making Your Business Legal

Appendix D: Planning Your Accounting and Taxes

Appendix E: Startup Expenses

Appendix F: Sales and Cost of Goods Sold Forecast

Appendix G: Monthly Expenses

Appendix H: Cash Needs Forecast

Appendix I: Sensitivity Analysis

Appendix J: Business Forecasting Model

Appendix K: Case Study Templates

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