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Textbook Details

Cover of Risk Management for Individuals and Enterprises v2.1
Risk Management for Individuals and Enterprises v2.1
Etti Baranoff, Patrick Lee Brockett, Yehuda Kahane, and Dalit Baranoff
March 2021
Finance Textbooks
ISBN (Digital): 

Brief Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Understanding Risk

Chapter 2: Measuring Risk

Chapter 3: Managing Risk

Chapter 4: Enterprise Risk Management, Sustainability, and InsurTech Innovations

Chapter 5: Financial Risk Management Using the Capital Markets

Chapter 6: The Insurance Solution

Chapter 7: Insurance Operations

Chapter 8: Insurance Underwriting Cycles and Regulation

Chapter 9: Insurance Contracts I: Fundamental Doctrines 

Chapter 10: Insurance Contracts II: Structure and Analysis

Chapter 11: Property Risk Management, Cyber Risk, and Global Risk Exposures

Chapter 12: Liability Exposures

Chapter 13: Multirisk Management Contracts I: Homeowners

Chapter 14: Multirisk Management Contracts II: Auto

Chapter 15: Multirisk Management Contracts III: Business

Chapter 16: Social Insurance Programs I: Workers’ Compensation and Unemployment Insurance

Chapter 17: Life Cycle Financial Risks

Chapter 18: Social Insurance Programs II: Social Security and Medicare

Chapter 19: Mortality Risk Management (Life Insurance)

Chapter 20: Employment-Based Risk Management

Chapter 21: Longevity Risk Management

Chapter 22: Health Risk Management (Health Insurance)

Chapter 23: Cases in Holistic Risk Management

Appendix A: Sample Homeowner's Special Form

Appendix B: Sample Personal Automobile Policy

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