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Textbook Details

Cover of Biopsychology: Fundamentals and Contemporary Issues v1.0
Biopsychology: Fundamentals and Contemporary Issues v1.0
Martin S. Shapiro
October 2019
Psychology Textbooks
ISBN (Digital): 

Biopsychology is written for students without a strong natural sciences background to make neuroscience relevant and approachable. This innovative treatment leverages rich, online media links to stimulate learners' interest, highlight relevance to students' lives and future careers, and integrate easily into online courses.

Brief Table of Contents

Chapter 1: History and Introduction

Chapter 2: Functional Anatomy

Chapter 3: Neuron Communication

Chapter 4: Research Methods: Histology, Imaging, and Stimulating

Chapter 5: Genetics and Evolution

Chapter 6: Vision and Chemoreception

Chapter 7: Hearing, Language, and Lateralization

Chapter 8: Somatosensory and Motor Movement

Chapter 9: Sleep, Dreaming, and Circadian Rhythms

Chapter 10: Homeostasis: Hunger, Thirst, and Temperature

Chapter 11: Hormones, Sex, and Love

Chapter 12: Emotions and Stress

Chapter 13: Learning and Memory

Chapter 14: Psychopharmacology, Recreational Drugs, Tolerance, and Sensitization

Chapter 15: Addiction, Developmental Disorders, and Affective Disorders

Chapter 16: Other Neuropsychiatric Disorders, Brain Injuries, and Brain Pathologies

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