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Gain institution-wide access to over 150+ titles for a flat fee.

FlatWorld Unlimited focuses on quality, peer-reviewed content written by distinguished authors and updated frequently. Most FlatWorld textbooks come equipped with a full range of instructor supplements, including:

  • Homework system
  • Instructor Manual
  • Test Banks
  • PowerPoint Slides
Unlimited iPad

Our flexible model can accommodate institutions large and small.

FlatWorld textbooks are:

  • Customizable
  • Easily integrated within an institution’s LMS
  • Cost effective
  • Easy for instructors to adopt
  • Available to students on the first day of class
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  • 65% of students say that they have decided against buying a textbook because it was too expensive.
  • 94% of those students who forego purchasing the textbook admitted they are concerned about their grade.
Cecil Banhan

For more information, contact:

Cecil Banhan

VP of Institutional Sales and Partnerships
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