As the fastest-growing college textbook publisher for the past five years, what have The Textbook Good Guys at FlatWorld been up to in 2022? Beyond welcoming more and more  professors and students to our cause, this year we...

Grew our catalog to over 145 titles…

Make room on your bookshelf! FlatWorld’s catalog is constantly growing, and this year is no exception. With the newest additions to our catalog, we officially publish over 145 titles. 

This robust selection of introductory and upper-level course materials, in both digital and print formats, allows us to reach more students and make a greater impact.

…and added two new subject areas

As the world develops and changes, so too does our catalog. In an effort to meet the demands of rapidly expanding fields, FlatWorld has added two disciplines to our catalog—Data Analytics and Environmental Science.

With these dedicated subject areas, we continue to expand our offerings with the most cutting-edge information available.

Worked with instructors at over 2,000 institutions

From UT Austin to UMass Amherst, Portland Community College to Penn State, SUNY to Stanford, instructors across the country are using FlatWorld textbooks.

We’re proud to partner with educators at over 2,000 institutions to provide a streamlined and affordable textbook experience for everyone. Together, we can help bring textbook prices back down to earth.

Committed to our 1,500th free textbook through the FlatWorld Scholarship Program

For the past four years, FlatWorld has taken applications for the FlatWorld Scholarship Program. This program allows us to take direct action against the rising cost of education by providing complimentary textbooks, and the included Homework system, to students at various institutions across the country.

This year, we committed to providing our 1,500th textbook as a part of this program. We could not be prouder of the impact the FlatWorld Scholarship Program has had on its recipients.

Achieved a 95% approval rating with our customer support team

Though we strive for excellence in everything we do, we aren’t always perfect. That’s why we’ve built a quick and knowledgeable customer support team—to help when it’s needed most.

We’re excited to share that our team earned a 95% approval rating this year, with an average response time of 3 minutes. Rest assured, when you or your students need us, we’ll be there to help.

Thanks to the support of more and more professors and students, FlatWorld leads the industry as the fastest-growing higher education textbook publisher for the past five years.

In an industry that has struggled to adapt in changing times, FlatWorld continues to buck the trend and to grow rapidly. We’re still early in our journey, but thanks to feedback from instructors and students, we’ve been able to create a product that just works and we’re proud to see that others agree. With a growing number of instructors deciding to partner with us, The Textbook Good Guys have been able to help more students than ever before.