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November 2019
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Data Analytics Using Microsoft® Excel®: With Accounting and Finance Datasets

Version 2.0 By: Joseph M. Manzo
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Key Features

  • Early chapters explain how to conceptualize, design, and maintain the integrity of data analytics projects in any context, not just finance or accounting. Compatible with general technology courses that are not content specific.
  • Can be used stand alone or as a supplemental resource.
  • Datasets and projects are compatible with many accounting and finance courses, but can also support an interdisciplinary focus.
  • Clearly and simply walks students through core concepts. No prior accounting or finance coursework is required.


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This textbook is suitable as either a core text for using Excel 2016 in an introductory data analytics course or as a supplement to many basic through intermediate accounting or finance courses. May also be assigned to students who need exposure or a refresher on how to use the Excel 2016 application in general.

Data Analytics Using Microsoft Excel With Accounting and Finance Datasets provides students with the opportunity to learn basic skills needed to execute many personal and professional activities using Excel 2016. This clear, easy-to-follow text also prepares learners to master more advanced skills using Excel. Heavy emphasis is placed on how to efficiently navigate big datasets and use the keyboard to access commands during the design process. Author-narrated videos embedded throughout the digital reader explain concepts and operations, adding an engaging audio and visual richness to the written explanations and exercises.

Extensive datasets included in the book are drawn from accounting and finance scenarios and provide learners with a basis for conceptualizing and designing data analytics projects with the highest level of integrity. Data visualization skills are also introduced and reinforced throughout.

New in This Version

  • Updated to align with Excel 2016.
  • Expanded to nine chapters in length due to expanded coverage of data analytics and new datasets.
  • Over 18 new Excel skills and features covered.
  • Author-generated instructional videos have all been re-recorded from scratch with new screenshots and voice overs.
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Joseph M. Manzo Lehigh University

Joseph M. Manzo (CMA and MBA Lehigh University) is a Professor of Practice in Accounting at Lehigh University’s College of Business. He started teaching at Lehigh in fall 2002 where he developed and ran the Microsoft Excel Competency program for all first year business students. He went on to teach several courses in both the undergraduate and graduate programs in the College of Business and since 2010 has taught Introduction to Financial Accounting and Introduction to Managerial Accounting.  In addition to teaching, he is a former director of the Rauch Center for Business Communications and also former acting Associate Dean and Director of Undergraduate Programs for the College of Business. Prior to Lehigh, Professor Manzo worked in apparel manufacturing, retail, and wealth management industries. His industry practice had a heavy emphasis on data analytics and corporate strategic planning. He has written several textbooks addressing practical applications for Microsoft Office that teach students how to use such applications for professional and personal needs. 



Section 2.1: Added the Data Analytics Project 1 Excel file.


[Note: Applicable changes have been made in the Instructors Manual and the Chapter 8 PowerPoint files.]

Section 2.1: Editing Data, Step 4, has been corrected to: Click cell B1.

Section 2.2: Formatting Worksheet Tabs, Step 7, added a third sentence that reads: Click the Orange, Accent 2, Lighter 40% option from the color palette. 

Section 2.2: Keyboard Only, Center, Left, and Right Alignment, the first sentence has been corrected to: Tap the ALT key on your keyboard followed by the H key.

Section 2.3: Chapter Assignments and Tests, Data Analytics Skills Review Divisional Sales Report, Step 1, has been corrected to: Open the AnswerSheet worksheet in the Chapter 2 DA Exercise 2 workbook.

Section 3.3: Chapter Assignments and Test, Data Analytics Skills Review Analyzing Retail Store Sales, the last value in step 19 now reads 55,400 rather than 54,500.

Section 3.3: Chapter Assignments and Test, Data Analytics Skills Review Analyzing Retail Store Sales, Step 32, the cell range at the very end of the sentence has been corrected to A2:D36.

Section 3.3: Chapter Assignments and Test, Data Analytics Skills Review Analyzing Stock Market Sectors, the very end of the first sentence of the second paragraph has been corrected to: Chapter 3 DA Exercise 2.

Section 4.2: Absolute References, Step 5 has been corrected to: Copy cell B4. Step 8 has been corrected to: Tap the Enter key to close cell B5.  Step 9 has been corrected to: Activate cell B5 and tap the DELETE key to remove the formula creating the divide by zero error.

Section 4.3: Chapter Assignments and Test, Data Analytics Skills Review Business Flex Budgets, Step 6, deleted the last sentence that read, “Activate cell G6”. 

Section 5.1: PMT Function for Loans, add the following sentence to step 9:  If you are using Office 365, type “loan payments”. 

Section 5.2: Time Value of Money Terms and Concepts, in the first paragraph the 5th sentence has been corrected to: Notice that the values in the Interest Paid column increase every year. 

Section 5.2: The definition for the key term "401K" was corrected so that the last word of the definition is “free” rather than “fee”.

Section 5.3: Chapter Assignments and Test, Data Analytics Skills Review Pro Forma Income Statement, Step 52, the second sentence has been corrected to: Click the Lease Data worksheet, click cell B4, and then tap the ENTER  key on your keyboard. 

Section 5.3: Chapter Assignments and Test, Cash Outflow Scenarios, Step 49, added the following sentence to the end of this step: To complete the function,  type a closing parenthesis and tap the ENTER key on your keyboard.

Section 6.2: Data Visualization for Exception Analytics, Step 4, corrected entire step to read: Locate the Type category in the lower right area of the New Formatting Rule dialog box (see Figure 6.33). Click the down arrow on the first dropdown box under this category. This is used to set the parameters that will assign a green circle to the value in the Percent Gain/Loss column.

Section 6.2: Data Visualization for Exception Analytics, Step 8, changed first sentence to the following:  Click the down arrow on the second dropdown box below the Type category in the lower right area of the New Formatting Rule dialog box.

Section 7.1: The SUMIF Function,Step 11, the first sentence corrected to: Highlight the range Q5:Q34. 

Section 8.1: Case: Investigating Fraud, Figure 8.1, the green arrow direction above the "Cash Register" box has been corrected.

Section 9.1: The definition for the key term "accounts receivable" was corrected to: An account used to track money that is owed to a company from its customers.

Section 9.2: Visual Enhancements for the Plot and Chart Areas, Step 12, added the following sentence: If using Office 365, this is the Round option.


Section 3.3: Chapter Assignments and Test, Data Analytics Skills Review Analyzing Retail Store Sales, in the opening paragraph for this assignment, 54,000 was corrected to 55,400.

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